Something Needs to be Done

We want to hear what your club is doing to bring in new members. Tell us what works, and give credit to those who are making the effort.

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Re: Something Needs to be Done

#256 Postby Norm » Tue Jan 10, 2017 9:52 am

It does seem that people are finding ways to overcome the issue in a variety of ways as have we. But the pathway forward for the unlicensed public need to be made clear to them.

An online State membership process is the way of the future in my opinion if you want to increase membership and reduce membership costs to everyone.

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Re: Something Needs to be Done

#257 Postby johnk » Tue Jan 10, 2017 10:45 am


In Queensland, associations don't have the right to offer memberships suitable to acquire a license; that is restricted to approved clubs. However, we do have that angle covered & maybe other states might want to consider it too: ... rm2014.pdf

The QSC ticks the boxes you're interested in and additionally allows older shooters no longer capable or interested in regular competition to keep their firearms.


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Re: Something Needs to be Done

#258 Postby Buckshot » Tue Jan 01, 2019 9:46 am


Almost every farm worker or owner around here has a gun. Im a farm worker and know that we like to shoot a lot !!! Ive been going to the local gun shops buying ammo and whatever for years and NEVER been told by the gun shop " hey mate you should head out to the gun club on saturdays and have a go at the longer targets those old guys out there could head shoot a fox at 1,000 yd go and learn how its done" or something like that. Ive seen the results in local paper for the sport but its never STOOD OUT as a fun place to go. Give that gun shop a damn sign Advertising the range or at least get the gun shop owner to TELL young blokes about the clubs and how fun it can be!

I joined recently to help improve my long range shots pure chance i drove out to have a look at what goes on. I might have done it years ago if i was prompted to by the gun shop. :shock:

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