My first f class rifle

If you take a pride in the appearance of your rifle(s) and other gear, post a photo and give us some commentary.

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My first f class rifle

#1 Postby Jakec27 » Tue Jun 11, 2019 8:07 pm

After lots of learning, hard work and overtime, patience and lots of peoples help I finally have my rifle finished and ready to shoot.
Barnard action, Krieger 1:12" .308 30", a beautiful Bob Eager stock and a nightforce benchrest 8-32x56
Thanks to all the people on this sitefor answering all my newby questions and letting me pick there brains, big thanks to all the members at South Bendigo rifle club for letting me come down and try out the sport that im now a bit addicted to. Big thanks to Rod Mahon and Gary Hunt for all there time and advice tips and tricks, big thanks to James Elphick for letting me check out his rifle and pick his brain as well on many subjects.
Cant wait to get out there shooting and competing now.
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Re: My first f class rifle

#2 Postby DenisA » Tue Jun 11, 2019 8:58 pm

Love it

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Re: My first f class rifle

#3 Postby oldman1967 » Tue Jun 11, 2019 9:14 pm

G'day Jake,
Congratulations on the build. It's top class. Your advisers in Rod Mahony (God) and Hunty are amongst the very best in the game.
I'm sure you'll be on the winners podium very soon.


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Re: My first f class rifle

#4 Postby scott/r » Wed Jun 12, 2019 9:17 am

Very nice. Exciting times ahead.

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Re: My first f class rifle

#5 Postby Jason72 » Thu Jun 13, 2019 6:24 pm

Well done on selecting a great set up.
Now the only problem with having great gear is when you do a lousy shot you have nothing to blame but yourself Lol. Although us shooters are like fishermen, we can find excuse.
Main thing is, enjoy your new sport mate.
Cheers, Jason

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