Junior F Class State Teams

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Re: Junior F Class State Teams

#16 Postby RBail » Sat Jul 13, 2019 9:03 am

I had two boys participate in the Junior shoot and they both had a great time but more importantly learned a lot especially having a go at wind coaching which they had not done before.
What I hope will come from this event is a more structured junior development program where the kids can hone their skills in a very supportive environment.
That is why such a big thank you is required to all those who volunteered their time to support this event.


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Re: Junior F Class State Teams

#17 Postby Punti » Sat Jul 13, 2019 9:41 am

Hi all,

I am quiet surprised where this is heading with people wanting things and not asking what can we do and how can we do it.

As an example in South Australia we have passionate SARA members in making things happen:

Junior development days
State wide rim fire junior championship
Reduced SARA member fees for juniors $20 with the balance covered by SARA
Free entry to all juniors Australia wide into SARA Queens
A perpetual trophy for U18’s at the SARA Queens
All U18’s that place first in the Junior category in their disciplines receive a champion trophy
We also give an encouragement award to an U18
We introduced the format for the interstate U18 teams with help from Vic and NSW

I am the appointed Junior Development Officer by the SARA Board.

I am giving you these points so you can adapt them in your own States because these Juniors are the future of our sport.


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