barnard Fclass for sale

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Benny Morgan
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barnard Fclass for sale

#1 Postby Benny Morgan » Thu Jan 13, 2022 5:41 pm

Will get back to everyone that has enquire though incase it falls through

Hey guys and gals I would like to sell my fclass setup,
Location: Mackay,QLD

Barnard P-07
Nightforce 8-32x BR, NP-2D reticle
Cronk stock
308 Palmer barrel 29” 1:12T fair condition
6x47 Lapua barrel 27” 1:8T good condition
Action wrench and barrel clamp
6x47 Foster F.L die
6x47 Wilson competition/micro seater with VLD stem
6x47 Wilson bushing neck die (new)
6x47 150 Lapua brass 3x fired, annealed
400x 6mm 105gr nosler RDF HPBT projectiles

Leather rear bag and Metal base plate
Shooting mat
Sinclair rest, original base, wood top with bag
Old spotting scope
Old Alloy gun case

$ 4k ono
License: 2655 0225-0
Mobile: 0484237322
Deal: buyers nominee, (I live in mackay and most likely send from mackay gun shot or shooters supply)

Hey folks, I am new to this website and I’m not to sure how to post images or navigate it well, I can send images via email or txt message! This is the first time selling a rifle so I hope I have done everything correct! I would consider selling without the the range gear (bag/rest/Matt/bipod ect) but would like to keep the rifle set up and realised eq ect as one. Selling due to I am not well and have a younge family to think of

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