ATR 60X Target Rifle for sale

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ATR 60X Target Rifle for sale

#1 Postby GC » Fri May 13, 2022 5:28 pm

A custom stainless steel single shot target rifle designed and built in Australia around 198,ideal for a collector or someone wanting a range rifle. These were very accurate rifle's and highly prized due to the low numbers built. This one has probably the original Maddco barrel (rounds unknown).

At a recent test firing it proved to be still still capable of less than .5 MOA groups at 100m. It has a massive two lug bolt built to very close close tolerances.

Rebedding of the action was recently completed with Devcon epoxy. These rifles were only manufactured in small numbers and normally sold as "action" only so the buyer could configure them with their own stock & barrel.

The rifle comes with a custom made scope rail plus the standard aperature (Central) sight mount. The scope is not included in the sale for $1050 with buyer to pay freight to their designated dealer.
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