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et internet shoot

#1 Postby speedy » Mon Oct 21, 2019 1:17 pm

Goondiwindi Rifle Club is holding it's 3 Internet Shoot on the 9th November 2019
E.T. Shoot Competition Rules & Regulations
1 To be shot between 12 pm and 5 pm local time on the day nominated.
2 A competitor can only have 1 visit to the mound on that day in this competition.
3 Competition will be conducted at 600 meters at Metric ranges using 600meter ICFRA targets, 600 yards at imperial ranges using 600yard ICFRA targets.
4 1 \20 shot match sighters are Nonconvertible, time allowed 30 min.
5 Clubs will send results from Nominated Email address organizers will not accept result from Non-Nominated Emails
6 Result will be sent via email (photos of targets, screen shot and result web site address)
7 Paper targets will number shots on target and score card to be photo (write shot number next to bullet hole with white marker)
8 Clubs will transfer monies ($15 per shooter) to Goondiwindi Rifle Club Account for shooters nomination a minim of 3 days before Competition starts. BANK DETAILS BSB 064415 ACC 00900121
9 The competition will be conduct under SSR.
10 Badges will be awarded to the top 25% in Grade or Class.
11 If shooter does not have a Grading the Club Captain will issue a grade from Club results.
12 Result will be posted on Goondiwindi Rifle Club Face book page
13 All results will be sent to
14 Result must be sent by email by 7pm local time
15 Organizers reserve the right to change program
16 Shooting order will be determined by draw by Club Captains
17 If shooters have the same score, the first to shoot the score will be given the position. That is if 3 shooter top score with 100.19 then the first to score gets #1 badge then the other 2 shooters get =1st badge and the next badge will be 4th badge

bruce moulds
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Re: et internet shoot

#2 Postby bruce moulds » Tue Oct 22, 2019 1:18 pm

rule no 4?
does that mean unlimited sighters and cut them all? or in effect no sighters, i.e. you keep them?
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Re: et internet shoot

#3 Postby scott/r » Tue Oct 22, 2019 5:30 pm

bruce moulds wrote:rule no 4?
does that mean unlimited sighters and cut them all? or in effect no sighters, i.e. you keep them?

It's just 2 non convertible sighters Bruce.

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