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internet shoot

#1 Postby speedy » Mon Sep 24, 2018 11:56 am

20 shot Match 2 nonconvertible sighters at 600 yards/ meters
The match will be shot between 1:00 pm and 5 pm (local time)
On the 10th November 2018.
Top 25% in all grades will receive badges.
Nominations forms will be sent to Club Captains via Email.
The Club will nominate their shooters, their grades and one Email address.
All communication from clubs will be via their nominated email address, communication via any other email address will not be accepted.
Payment for the shoot will be via bank transfer to the Goondiwindi Rifle Club bank account with nominations.
Scoring with Hexa systems A copy of the shooters target history for that range will be sent to the GRC via their email.
Silver Mountain a screen shot of the competitor’s string will be emailed to GRC via email.
Other type of targets
A photo of the target and score card signed by the club Captain
Can be sent to GRC via email.
Results will not be accepted after 7 pm 10.11.2018
Result will be published on the GRC face book page and emailed to Club Captains
Competition will be conducted under the SSR using ICFRA targets. Email address

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