New Sporter/Hunter your club promoting it?

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Re: New Sporter/Hunter your club promoting it?

#46 Postby shift » Wed May 15, 2019 1:45 pm

Our club Hornsby RSL RC in Sydney has already adopted this discipline and it is working successfully on our range at Hornsby. This discipline has been a great success at attracting new members who have bought or own rifles that are not necessarily for hunting but more to be used in Precision Service Rifle (Rules from Chapter 16 SSR) or PRS matches ("Sporter"?). We run the discipline in conjunction with Fclass and TR at the same time. What we do to mitigate the muzzle brake blast is set up baffles on the mound which protects the other lanes from getting showered in dirt.

Use of muzzle brakes was a must for this discipline as most of the rifles used in these matches come with muzzle brakes and are not generally removed. However, as a soft start to the discipline we have only allowed single shot loading for now but seeing the official rules are now allowing magazine use, we may discuss how to logistically make this work. Magazine use is definitely important as magazines are used in the PSR/PRS matches and as most ranges do not currently allow magazine use, most shooters are learning the mechanics (or failures) of their magazine during a match.
We are currently only using the prone bipod supported position but may work in some other positions like prone unsupported with sling or prone supported off a backpack like every alternate week as we further develop the discipline. Unfortunately, due to range template, we are limited to only prone positions at this stage but other ranges might not have this issue.

We also run two classes under this discipline, NATO and OPEN. NATO class mainly being restricted to 308/223 caliber and OPEN class being any caliber under 8mm like FOpen. We are not enforcing the rifle weight or barrel length rules as we found these unnecessary and limiting to the discipline. If someone wants to turn up and shoot a rifle with 32" 1.25 truck axle barrel then so be it. They will have fun holding that up when we do prone unsupported with a sling :lol:

We ran a version of this discipline in the NSDRA Open prize shoot last year. However, the problem with the OPM format is that it is only open to NRAA members and currently we are only allowed to shoot one discipline in OPMs. So shooters who were only SSAA couldn't participate and NRAA shooters mostly shot their normal Fclass/TR disciplines instead. It was a step in the right direction however if they want to include this discipline in OPMs, there will need to be some discussion on how to make it more accessible.

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