Tikka 284 Shehane - Sold

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Tikka 284 Shehane - Sold

#1 Postby DaveMc » Sat Jul 13, 2019 4:09 pm


Hi Everyone.
Selling my Tikka SS Varmint chambered in 284 Shehane. Barrel Fluted and custom CRM Brake. This rifle is very accurate and only fired 150 rounds.
Ideal for PRS .
180 VLD load data with 2209 and rel 17
pm for pictures and details
Brass, Dies, loads, some projectiles etc.
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bruce moulds
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Re: Tikka 284 Shehane - Ideal Precision Rifle Series

#2 Postby bruce moulds » Sat Jul 13, 2019 5:04 pm

sounds like a nice rifle.
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Re: Tikka 284 Shehane - Ideal Precision Rifle Series

#3 Postby DaveMc » Sun Jul 14, 2019 8:21 am

Yes Bruce, A great deal of thought went into this project at the time. I was specifically trying to get a carry around rifle accurate enough to do everything I wanted to do. Using a bit of our F class and other experience to make the wind and elevation calls a long way out. A great deal of time, precision and care went into the build - PK is a master of this sort of stuff. I love Tikka's and have had a great run with them. With the right loading they have been as accurate as anything I have owned. and this one is no exception - maybe the cream of the crop. (PM for load devlopment groups)
Now with the PRS series I believe this is the ultimate machine - (Stick a wild dog, CRM or GRS stock under it and even better for that game).

Anyway some of the thought process for those that are interested. At the time (and still now) 284, 284 Shehane were the go to calibers for 1000 yard F class and 7mm SAUM was emerging. The SAUm is great but just a little harder to work with in a field rifle (feeding issues, mag capacity etc) and particularly the TIKKA action and significantly less barrel life for not much in field gain. The 284 and 284 Shehane cases are also PERFECT length to handle the long VLD's in a long action. When I sat my F class load in a tikka long action mag it was a eureka moment - perfect fit and perfect feed. The Shehane just a fraction better due to the straighter case. When you go to 300WM you have to seat the VLD's in a long way to magazine feed and I just wasn't seeing the same level of accuracy from 200-1000 yards. All the others are great cartridges but I was looking for those little edges. Those same little edges will also work for PRS or similar.It seems as accurate firing the straight 284 cases as it does fireformed. and I had an endless supply of cases coming off the back of the F class shooting - Used a few times then rolled into the tikka.
I have the reamers and other gear if anyone interested in that scenario. (ie f class caliber and PRS to use same gear)

Now as far as ballistics goes - The 7mm has been a great caliber for a very long time. Milder recoil and a real cracker. With rel 17 velocities are amazing (even out of 24 inch) and with 2209 it is as accurate as anything I have had. It gets to 1000 yards with 1600-1750 fps (depending on the load and bullet but 168 and 180 Berger hunting VLDs ). But if it is PRS then that is neither here nor there.

This rifle with original stock and fluted barrel is light enough to carry and the brake is custom PK/CRM and precision fit - Does a magnificent job on recoil reduction and loses nothing in accuracy.

In Many ways I am sad to see it go as was a dream of mine for a long time and had over 30 years of thinking of 7mm when reading the hornady handbook as a teenager.

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