Angel Rifle - some info required

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Angel Rifle - some info required

#1 Postby Gerard » Fri Feb 26, 2016 4:58 pm

Hi Guys,

Im new to Fullbore target shooting and very much enjoying the challenge and support I'm getting from my local club.
I very recently upgraded from my OMARK and became the proud owner of an Angel Rifle.
I absolutely love it. So I have been doing a little research and read on a Wiki page that they only made 501 right hand rifles.

They are numbered AA -xxx
Left hand rifles are marked differently LH - XX

So here is my question.
My rifles number is AA-504 ... so if they only made 501.. does that mean they skipped some numbers?

Im hoping that mine was last of the production line :)

I was also very very pleased when I heard it used to belong to Rob Rush.. and I'm hoping it was used when he won the Queens Prize (I know from my research that he won several times, but just one win with my rifle would be awesome).
Wont make me a better shooter, but certainly puts a smile on my face.

Anyway, if anyone can explain the serial number sequence or has any more info on the history of my rifle I would love to hear it.
I plan to enjoy this rifle for many years.

kind regards,

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Re: Angel Rifle - some info required

#2 Postby johnk » Fri Feb 26, 2016 5:42 pm


Wouldn't worry if I was you. I doubt that the Wiki author was the manufacturer himself & in any case there was always a certain want of reliability surrounding Bill Angel though never his rifles, so the number range could be problematic - or he may have chosen to start numbering from, say AA 100.

Rob's Angel was well known & if yours is his, it's completely kosher.


Peter Hulett
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Re: Angel Rifle - some info required

#3 Postby Peter Hulett » Sat Feb 27, 2016 8:49 pm

My wife and I bought AA500 and AA501 as new rifles. At that stage they were being put together and sold by Andrew Powell who we bought from. Andrew never said that our rifles were the last and I got the impression he had quite a few.


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Re: Angel Rifle - some info required

#4 Postby Gerard » Sun Feb 28, 2016 10:52 pm

Thanks guys.

At the weekend, one of the guys at my local club was able to tell me some of the background on Angel rifles, from a technical perspective at the time they really were remarkable.
Very interesting stuff and I have been impressed with my old OMARK and more so this 'new' Angels accuracy.
(well, not my score from the weekend LOL, but the rifles accuracy was obvious when I first tested it at a local range last week 'cheated using a rest ;) ' (They don't permit prone shooting there).

Once I get a little more experienced in Full bore and start to attend some competitions I hope to find other knowledgable folk who may know a little about my specific rifles history.

I am absolutely loving this sport and its a surprise to me what you can do with just a sling and open/peep sights :)
I count the days to the next opportunity to shoot, haven't felt this enthusiastic about anything in many years!
Glad to be a part of this :)


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