New 6.5 Caliber Bullet Dies

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Ken Melgaard
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New 6.5 Caliber Bullet Dies

#1 Postby Ken Melgaard » Sun Jun 18, 2017 1:37 pm

Looking for some shooters with 6.5 Caliber rifles, as l have just received a new set of VLD bullet forming dies
Will be making 140 grain, 135 grain, 130 grain and 120 grain
Please send me an email with address details so l can send some samples to test (qty 50 Bullets)
Thank you
Ken Melgaard
Copperhead Bullets

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Re: New 6.5 Caliber Bullet Dies

#2 Postby XCALIBRE » Sat Jun 02, 2018 3:04 pm

Hi Ken, Bob Scott up in Yeppoon Central Qld. Wish I had seen this earlier as we have our 900,1000 and 1100 Championships next weekend up here at Raglan next weekend over 2 days. I personally have been using 6.5 139 and 123 Lapua exclusively myself with what I call reasonable results shooting 3 to 9 hundred metres progressively each weekend and 9 shoots at 1000 and 1100 metres throughout the year. Sometimes we wop some of the visiting Top guns and sometimes we don't!. As President, I'm sure a couple of our lads would not mind testing and giving an honest opinion on your products, more so them being Australian manufacture! A big plus to us, and reliable source of supply. Our complex also covers Pistol (all grades) Shotgun, Military,Black Powder, Paintball (Ugh!) Police and Australian Armed Forces. One of the major problems we are encountering is supply to and from Central Qld. One of the local gun stores has just stepped in to help out with Powder supplies on a regular basis. Cheers, Bob.

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