Over the years I have written many small programs and documents for my own and friends’ use. Most are on the web elsewhere but web hosting changes will not allow Program downloads in the future. Alan Fraser has kindly offered some of his web space at ‘’ to host the more important ones.


You may download any of the files described below. Different web Browsers may handle the downloads differently but typically they will appear in your ‘Downloads’ folder. The Documents are usually in pdf format. This has been chosen simply because many of the reports – for example on Target Testing – are best if I can determine the exact screen layout of the downloaded file. HTML changes document layout depending on your computer screen.


Most of the Programs will come Zipped. Thus you will need to Unzip them. Use the standard Windows File Explorer, Right Click on the Downloaded file and select ‘Extract All’. You may have a different dedicated Unzipping Program but I find the Standard Windows facility perfectly adequate.


Complex Programs usually need auxiliary files and a separate place to store data. To help get you started and make it easier for people to use them, the Zipped file will often contain a few Directories and SubDirectories plus some Data Files and a few Examples. Simply move this entire structure somewhere in your computer. It is suggested you place it in your ‘Documents Folder’. Somewhere inside this structure you will find an *exe file. Simply double click on this and the program will start. ‘exe’ files do not need to be installed and all of my programs contain within them all necessary information to run.


Since *.exe files may contain a virus or be malicious, your Anti-Virus software may spring into life. It might block the Program until it does a safety scan on it. My exe files have come straight from a compiler and should be very safe to run but by all means do a safety scan if you wish.


Aiming, Sighting, Telescopes

Cases, Barrels and Bullets

Hexta Helper --- for wheeling and lifting Heavy Hexta Targets.

Plotting and Analyzing Shoots

Rifles and Stocks

eTargets --- Accuracy and Test Results.

Target Testing Program ….. Records, Analyses and Displays Target Test results.

TestEtargetProject is a program that stores Target Tests in easily retrievable files. When retrieved, it produces various Graphics which aids assessment of the Target's Precision and Accuracy.  Once created, the files are convenient to quickly send to other people. One can fairly quickly input target test data by copying and pasting from Excel and the TeT program will also export data in a CSV format. The Zipped file will Unzip to produce a Directory containing BOTH the TestEtargetProject.exe program and a few example TeT files.  The few files are described in more detail which is publicly available at If you have suitable permissions, this directory could be placed under C:.  An alternative is to simply place this in 'Documents'. Start by double clicking on the file  TestEtargetProject.exe.  There is Help within the program. Although written for a very specific purpose, this Program is excellent. It is ideal for producing various screen Graphics for publication describing Target Errors. It contains an Algorithm which automatically pairs Impact Positions with reported Screen Positions from a Log file which can be an onerous task when many shots are involved. Remember – any serious Target Test needs at least 30 measured shots to be statistically valid.