Which D/P action is best?

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Which D/P action is best?

#1 Postby DenisA » Thu Feb 15, 2018 9:30 am

Hi All,

Interested to hear some experience from shooters and gunsmiths.

In considering the prospect of a future dual port build, what are the comparisons between a Stolle Panda, Borden BRMXD and BAT 3LL.

Which is the better action and why?

Do any have wear issues more significant than another when they get older?

Is glue in the ultimate way to go?

Matt P
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Re: Which D/P action is best?

#2 Postby Matt P » Thu Feb 15, 2018 9:54 am

Hi Denis
"IN MY OPINION" lets get that clear, straight off the bat and I better add that I sell Borden and Barnard (hope I haven't forgot anything, bad luck if I have !!!).
I would go with a Borden, Stolle or Barnard in no particular order, it would mainly depend on budget. I wouldn't consider the BAT, they're shiny and pretty to look at but the other actions mentioned are better IN MY OPINION (ignition system in the others is better than the BAT and few other less important things). If you've seen Rod Davies Stolle and how it performs (despite the way it looks !!!), I don't believe wear is an issue especially the way you look after things.
One plus IN MY OPINION the Borden has over all the others in the ignition and extractor timing is correct from the get go, not to say the others won't come timed correctly but I don't believe they check everyone prior to delivery. I have got Borden BRM and the BRMXD in twin ports and Barnard in RBLP and don't feel disadvantaged using one over the other.
IN MY OPINION a glue has no advantage over proper pillar bed, I've seen and fixed "stressed" set ups using either method.
The Stolle and Borden will both come in around the same dollars, the Barnard cheaper.
BTW not trying to sell anything, just giving MY OPINION on the question asked, please don't anyone get offended if I didn't mention the action you use or if you disagree with me !!!!
Hope that helps.

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Re: Which D/P action is best?

#3 Postby williada » Thu Feb 15, 2018 12:26 pm

Denis, Matt has given sound advice with the ignition timing and the pillar bedding. It does not matter how you get it, even with an aluminium block, the action has to lie stress free. Of critical importance is lapping the scope into place and bedding or cluing that scope rail as well as securing the screws on the rail and mounts with the appropriate sticky stuff with correct torque measured on all screws depending on specs of screws.

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Re: Which D/P action is best?

#4 Postby Barossa_222 » Thu Feb 15, 2018 12:46 pm

Not that it means anything, but I have a Stolle dual port. I run it in an F/TR set up and picked this option purely from a weight stand point. I'm quite happy with it, but the timing is an issue with mine. I am that having that rectified as we speak. I know people who run Barnard dual ports for Open and haven't heard any complaints about them, I know someone with a Bat 3LL and he is most happy with it. I don't think anything will much better or worse than anything else. I would love to play around with a Bordon action. Read lots of good thing about them.

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