SD, ES & more, explained well by Adam McDonald

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SD, ES & more, explained well by Adam McDonald

#1 Postby DenisA » Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:24 am

G'day All,

A friend of mine and forum member Dave B has been on my case to check out a blog of a Canadian gent Adam McDonald. I finally got around to reading a couple of his subjects and I was stoked with the clarity and ease of his explanations.

Really looking forward to reading more.

Its definitely worth everyone having a read and knowing its there.

As an example we've discussed SD and ES a few times now on here and had DaveMc and Williada enlighten and remind us relentlessly. Below is a link to Adams explanation of the subject. ... tistically

Maybe everyone's seen this website already and I'm just DenisA..... checking in with the late news.

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